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Who is ISO 9001 certified?

The subject could as well have been “10 good reasons to get certified” , because what will be developed below applies both to the 9001 and therefore to Quality, as to any other topic leading to certification (environment, energy, safety of people).

Why use a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated interlocutor. It creates a conversation between a human and a computer. Usually you have a conversation with another person through an app (such as WhatsApp), but chatbots don’t talk to another person, but to a computer.

Where to put a chatbot?

As a communications professional, you are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and monitor quality. Chatbots can help with that. Its application increases efficiency, cost reduction, and increased customer and employee satisfaction. But how do you start doing that?

How to become an expert in business strategy?

Being a business strategy consultant is undoubtedly a considerable asset for any company and all investors who wish to optimize their growth for the long run. The choice of training in the good the place is essential.